Mini Stockings
Mini Knitted Stockings I knitted these with the intention of using them as an Advent Calendar.  I figured there was more room in the stocking for a decent sized chocolate compared to the offering you get in shop bought calendar!!

I had great fun adapting and creating patterns. 
Click here if you want to use the designs. 

The pattern is online and available for non-commercial use. I altered it slightly - always casting on 27 to keep them the same size. I worked 6 rows of stocking stitch between the heel and the toe - this matched the two row stripe one.

Click here for the pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits

Mini Knitted Stockings Slightly different patterns used on this set.  These were for a keen Plymouth Argyle fan - hence the need to do them green and white.....

She is also a teacher so they will be used in her classroom as an advent calendar.