Denise Pattinson - Indian Headdress
Innocent Big Knit Hat Patterns - Indian Headdress
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Using 4mm needles
Cast on 28 stitches
Knit (garter stitch) for 2 rows
Stocking stitch for 2 rows
Then 3 rows of pattern.

Stocking stitch for 2 rows.
Reverse stocking stitch (10 rows) by beginning knit row on wrong side which will become the right side when cuff is turned back.
K2 together all along row (14 sts)
P2 together along row (7sts)
B & T tightly.

Making Up:
Pack of Craft feathers 80p from Wilkos Stitch feathers in place with cotton and thread along front half of headdress, turn back cuff. Slide 2 beads onto side feathers and stitch in place.