Marian Pettitt Garner - Mug

Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Hat Patterns - Mug
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Cut a separate 1.5m length.
Cast on 28sts.
Bring in extra length and work with double strands.
P1 row, K1 row.
Go back to single strand and starting with K row.
SS 12 or 14 rows depending on height of mug wanted.
Next 2 rows : (K4,inc in next st) rpt to end
(ignore the odd sts at the ends just K or P as relevant) :
Change colour : (K2,K2tog) rpt to end
P 1row
(K1, K2 tog) rpt to end
(P2tog) rpt
B & T.
To make up. Fold top @ P row, catch 2 rows down at 'liquid' level to hold in place. I did a running stitch all the way round. Make a 3 st I cord for the handle.