Dorothy Brooks - Odd Endie Hat

Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Hat Patterns - Odd ends
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Dorothy's latest hats are white with coloured casting on and multi coloured tassels using up all the off cuts from her years as a mad hatter.  Anything 3 inches or more goes into a bag and up to now has stayed there, but not any more! Now they have a purpose! Their time in the spotlight has come!

As soon as I saw these hats I knew I had to share them with you - I know all knitters are loathed to throw away anything so these really appeal to our eeky peeky natures!

Using 4mm needles cast on 28 stitches in a contrast colour
Change to white and rib 2 rows.
Continue in SS and work 12 rows.
(K2 tog) repeat to end
(P2 tog) repeat to end
B & T tightly.  Join row ends together.
The Bobble:
Wind the yarn around two fingers and pass the tie via a darning needle, between the two fingers twice before tying. With the scraps you can do the same with the longer ones and the rest just lay on your first finger and hold in place with your thumb until you have tied them together.