Sue Brine - Owl
Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Hat Pattern - Owl
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DK yarn 4mm needles
Cast on 28
Garter stitch 2 rows
St. Stitch 8 rows
Change to lighter colour and st.stitch 2 rows
Next row k12 k2tog k2tog k12
K11 k2tog k2tog k11
P 10 p2tog p2tog p10
Cast off

Making Up
Sew up back seam
Turn to right side and sew up top, keeping first seam at the back.
For eyes I crocheted 2 circles but you could use felt or buttons.
Embroider a beak, and add tassels of the colours you used on each pointy bit. 

Making the Tassels
Cut a few lengths of yarn, about six inches long, fold them in half. Poke a crochet hook through the pointy bit of the head grab the loop of the folded bits of yarn pull them through and Make a knot, just like you would make tassels for a scarf.