Lorraine Dore - Perfect Present
Innocent Smoothie Big Knit Hat Pattern Present
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This pattern Lorraine dedicates to Desling XxXxX.
Use number 9 (3.75 mm) or 8 (4.00 mm) knitting needles and double knitting wool.  Cast on 28 stitches, leaving a long tail to sew up.

Purple and Black Hat
Rows 1 and 2 – k (in purple)
Rows 3 to 18 – sts (in black)
Rows 19 and 20 k (in purple)
Cast off.
Ribbon – cast on 16 sts, cast off 16 sts.
Bow – cast on 2 sts and knit 70 rows, cast off.
Making up:
Thread needle on long tail and sew two sides.
In middle front and back of hat sew the two lengths of ribbon from bottom to top of hat. Fold the other length of ribbon into a bow and sew on top of the hat.

Multi Hat
Main hat as for Black and Yellow Hat, using main colour.
Bow as Purple and Black Hat. Sew on hat in place of choice.

Black and Yellow Hat
Follow main pattern for Purple and Black from rows 1 to 8, using one colour.
Row 9 – k, using ribbon colour
Row 10 – p, using ribbon colour
Rows 11 to 20 – k using main colour
Ribbon - cast on 2 sts and knit 50 rows, cast off. Sew from front to back of hat.
Bow – same as for Purple and Black Hat.