Lorraine Dore - Twiddle Hat
Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Hat Pattern Twiddlehat
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Lorraine saw a friend knitting Twiddlemuffs and was inspired to create a Twiddle Hat for The Big Knit. She sewed shopping trolley hooks to the top of the hats so after the campaign the hats can clipped to button holes, zips and bags. 

This hat is dedicated to Lorraine’s sister who gave her the green button.

Use number 9 (3.75 mm) or 8 (4.00 mm) knitting needles and double knitting wool, colour of your choice.

b – add bead, slip stitch on to a hair grip shaped piece of wire. Feed bead on wire then stitch. Slip stitch on to other knitting needle (do not knit stitch with bead).

There are so many ideas for making Twiddle Hats - they are ideal for using up all those bits and bobs that us crafters can just not throw away.  Click on the image above to see Lorraine's hats in more detail.
Pale Yellow Twiddle Hat
4 beads
1 or 2 buttons
1 or 2 bells
12 inch (30 cm) length of ribbon

Cast on 28 stitches
Garter stitch 4 rows
Stocking stitch 4 rows
Row 9 – K2, *wool round needle K2tog, k1*, *repeat to last 2 stitches, K2tog.
Row 10 – P
Rows 11 to 18 – stocking stitch (starting with a K row)
Row 19 – K2tog across row (14 sts)
Row 20 – P2tog across row (7 sts)

To make up – cut wool leaving a tail of 12 inches, thread sewing needle and slip through stitches pull up and sew down edge.
1 – thread ribbon through holes adding a bead on the upward hole, tie off with a reef knot and bow.
2 – sew bells, buttons and bows on top to decorate.
Neon Twiddle Hat
6 small buttons, 1 largish button
12 inch (30 cm) thin piece of ribbon (any colour)

Cast on 28 stitches (Lorraine used odd neon balls of wool, and changed colour every 4 rows).
Rib 4 rows (2K, 2P)
Row 5 – K
Row 6 – P
Row 7 – K2, b, K2, b, K to end of row
Row 8 – P
Row 9 – K
Row 10 – K
Row 11- K2 b, K2, b, K7 wool round needle K2tog, K2, wool round needle, K9
Row 12 – P
Row 13 – K
Row 14 – P
Row 15 – K2, b, K2, b, K to end of row
Row 16 – P
Row 17 – K
Row 18 – P
Row 19 – K2tog across row (14 sts)
Row 20 – P2tog across row (7 sts)

Make up as for the yellow hat

1 - In the two holes – Lorraine used a reef knot to secure the ribbon and then tied it in a bow.
2 – In the space between the beads and bow Lorraine sewed a big button (could use a bell).