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This hat was originally designed by Marie-M.  She created a beautiful little hat and knitted the little bird too.  Here is the original pattern.

I decided that the design was so lovely I would like to knit lots of them, but I didn't want to work the little knitted birds.  So I had a look on Ebay and I found these little bird buttons, they cost just £1.24 for 50 and that included postage!!
Have a look here for the buttons!

When the buttons arrived, they were beautifully crafted, made from wood and really well painted. They were a joy to sew on to the birdhouse hats.  They worked so well, I thought I would see what other designs were available.......

.......I am now suffering with a serious addiction to buying little wooden buttons and my addiction has spread to fellow hatters.  Be warned, it is highly addictive!!

Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Hat Patterns Button Hats Bird Button