Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Hats - Pumpkin Pumpkin Hat

Cast on 27 in orange on size 4mm needles
Row 1: K3, (inc, K3) rpt to end (33sts)
Row 2: P3, (K1, P4) repeat to end
Row 3: (K4, inc) rpt to last 3sts, K3 (39sts)
Row 4: P3, (K1, P5) rpt to end
Row 5: (K5, P1) rpt to last 3sts, K3
Row 6: P3, (K1, P5) rpt to end
Repeat last 2 rows 4 more times
Row 15: (K4, P2tog) rpt to last 3sts, K3 (33sts)
Row 16: (P3, K2tog) rpt to last 3sts, P3 (27sts)
Row 17: K3, (P2tog, K2) rpt to end (21sts)
Row 18: P2, (K2tog, P1) rpt to last st, P1 (15sts)
Row 19: K1, (K2tog) repeat to end, leave a long end (8sts)
Transfer the stitches to a double ended needle and with purl side facing join on green
Do 7 rows on these stitches as an I-cord
(K2tog) repeat to end (4sts)
K2 tog twice, pass the first st over the second. (1st)
B & T tightly. 
Thread a needle onto this wool end and use it to turn the I-cord inside out.

To Make Up: Tidy up the I-cord ends and with the I-cord inside the pumpkin and purl side out,
oversew the row ends.  Use the long orange end to gather along each of the pumpkin segment
dividers and a length of black yarn to embroider on a face of your choice.