Innocent Big Knit Hat Patterns - Rapunzel Rapunzel Hats - inspired by Dorothy - click on the hat to the left to see her design.
Using 4mm needles cast on 28 stitches and Purl 2 rows
The tower is now worked in Brick Stitch.  The next 23 rows are detailed in the grid below.  Work from the bottom up, remember to add in black for the window - this section is shaded.  Use this key:
       K2: Knit one while wrapping the yarn around twice
       SP: Slip one stitch purl wise, letting the 2nd loop
             drop if there is one.
    YSLY: Yarn forward, slip one purl wise, yarn backward
      YSL: Yarn forward, slip one purl wise
      SLY: Slip one purl wise, yarn backward
You will soon get used to the pattern - it isn't as complicated as it looks!
Then for the roof:

Knit 2 rows, Purl 1 row.
(K2,K2tog) repeat to last stitch, K1 (22st).  Purl 1 row.
(K1,K2tog) repeat to last stitch, K1 (15st).  Purl 1 row.
(K1,K2tog) repeat to last stitch, K1 (10st).  Purl 1 row.
(K1,K2tog) repeat to last stitch, K1 (7st)
(P2 tog) repeat to last stitch, P1 (4st)
B & T tightly.

Making Up
Sew in the ends from the window, then oversew the row ends together to make your tower.
The face - you can embroider this like Dorothy or you can paint a button and sew this on with invisible thread like me.  The eyes are the holes in the button and I sewed the face on through the eyes!!
The hair - I used a length of yellow wool 1.5m long.  I folded this into three and then in half again.  I tried various ways of sewing the hair on but found using cotton was the best way.  Sew the folded end using cotton under the left hand side of the face as you look at it.  Catch the parting together with cotton and sew to the top of the face, finally catch the hair in place on the right hand side.  Plait the remainder.  When the plait is long enough - use cotton to stop it unravelling.  Wrap coloured wool around and tie in a bow - again secure this with cotton.  Now Rapunzel is ready for her Prince!

23 Rows of Brick Stitch - working from the bottom up - click on the image for a better view - note when you need to bring in black wool for the window - it's shaded grey below.