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Flower Basket ~ Designed by Denise Pattinson

Using 4mm needles and DK cast on 27 stitches.
Knit (garter stitch) 2 rows
Change to basket weave K3,P3 all along row for 3 rows,
P3,K3 all along row for 3 rows,
K3,P3 all along row for 3 rows,
Begin stocking stitch with a purl row first, for 7 rows
Change to pale pink and stocking stitch for a further 8 rows.
K1, then K2 together all along row
P2 together all along row
B & T tightly.
Sew up seam, and then turn back cuff (similar to my Indian headdress pattern)  

The flowers and decorations:
I made 16 flower heads as follows:

Take 2 pencils and hold them side by side and wrap wool around them 20 times.
Take a contrast colour and bring this up between the pencils and tie firmly enclosing the centre of the wrapped colour. I find sliding off pencils as I am tightening helps give a better finish and then wrap the contrast around the centre 1 or 2 times to give a better colour around middle, cut one end off and with the other end, use to sew onto basket.
Repeat flowers with various colours.

To make the basket handle, I used 2 lengths of wool and a length of fine fuse wire to make it hold it’s shape, I cannot crochet but I can do a simple chain stitch which is easy to do, for approx 6 inches.
Sew onto sides of basket, turn the cuff back up to cover where handles are stitched on.
The cute tiny bee button embellishments I bought off eBay.
Add a ribbon bow on the handle