Innocent Big Knit Hat Patterns - Rabbit Rabbit Hats

I was given a bundle of chunky tapestry wool by a friend and decided to make these little rabbits.  I simply knotted 13 lengths together.  I didn't sew in the knots - I just pulled them all through to the inside so they didn't show.  (I know - cheating!)

Using 4mm needles and chunky wool
Cast on 14 stitches
Knitting throughout, work 40 rows.
Cast off.
Sew the cast off edge to the cast on edge and gather around one end.

Ears (make two)
Using chunky wool
Cast on 6 and knit 3 rows.  Cast off
Gather the base and sew in place.

I used some snowflake wool donated by another friend.  I cast on 5, knitted 5 rows and cast off.  I then gathered around the perimeter, used one end as stuffing and sewed to the back of the rabbit.  Click on the image to the left to see a back view.

Finish off with some googly eyes!