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Hat Patterns YOU have Designed

Click on a thumbnail to view the pattern for the hat.

Jelly Fish

Straw Hat

Bird House

Ollie Octopus

Miss Octopus

Small House

Skating Set

Barnie Bags

Connie the Cone

German Man

Evil Minion

Humpty Dumpty

Frilly Hat

Easter Bunny

Jack Skeleton

Mickey Mouse

Mortar Board


Canalside House



Baby Elephant

Dutch Dress

Pyeongchang Hat

Hama Hat of Horror

Twiddle Hat

Santa Sack

Love the Dogs

St. George Cross

Tree Decoration



Cookie Monster

Welsh Dragon

Ninja Turtle

Enchanted Tree

Ice Cream

Sock Monkey

Ninja Turtle

Enchanted Tree

Cookie Monster

Sock Monkey

Mr Chatterbox

Mr Cheerful

Mr Forgetful

Mr Impossible

Mr Mischief

Mr Nonsense

Miss Fickle

Miss Naughty

Miss Scatterbrain

Miss Stubborn

Miss Whoops

Why not have a go at knitting a little hat of your own!