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Monk ~ Designed by Vicky Selsby

Cast on 34 and garter st 2 rows
Cont in ss dec’ing 1 st each of first 3 knit rows (28st)
Then ss 12 more rows
Knit 2 tog to end (14)
Then purl 2 tog to end (7).
Change colour for face and knit 1 row,
Inc in every st purlwise (14)
Inc in 1st and last st of knit row (16)
Then ss 5 rows,
Knit 2 tog to end (8)
Purl 2 tog to end (4)
Thread wool thru and pull up tightly sew down seam and stuff head then do a running stitch round base of head to seal in stuffing.
Sew down rest of body

Arms:– Cast on 5 and ss 10 rows Change colour for hands
SS 4 rows
Last row dec 1st and last st
Thread thru and pull tightly and sew seam.

Hair:– A chain stitched circle which fits the head, sewn in place.

Belt: Use a single strand of wool tied around the waist for belt.