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Teletubbies ~ Designed by Christina Rule

Cast on 28 in main colour
Rows 1 and 2. Purl
Rows 3 to 8 Stocking stitch
Row 9. Knit 12 in main, 4 in pale blue, knit 12 in main
Row 10. Purl 12 in main, 4 in pale blue, purl 12 in main
Rows 11 and 12. Repeat rows 9 and 10
Rows 13 to 16. Stocking stitch
Row 17. K2 tog across the row
Row 18. P2 tog across the row (7 sts)
Row 19. Knit
Row 20. Increase purlwise into each stitch (14 sts)
Row 21. Increase in 1st and last stitch (16sts)
Rows 22 to 26. Stocking stitch these five rows
Row 27. Knit 2 tog across the row
Row 28. Purl 2 tog across the row

Ears ( make 2). Cast on 5, cast off 5.

Head piece – cut a length of narrow pipe cleaner to create the shape required.
Cast on 5 sts and knit to the length required. Cover the pipe cleaner.

Making Up:
Sew the seam from the top of the head to the neck, leaving the neck edge open.
Stuff head with either toy stuffing or odds and ends of wool and secure head.
Sew back seam.
Attach ears and head piece and embroider eyes and mouth.