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A Straw Hat (….with a difference!) ~ Designed by Marie-M

You will need: DK wool, 4mm needles and 1 coloured plastic drinking straw.

N.B. – BEFORE knitting, cut the straw into 1/4″ ‘beads’
(one straw cuts up into approx 30 beads, you need 28 for each hat)
Thread the 28 beads onto your ball of wool with a tapestry needle and push them along out of the way, they are not needed till row 4.

Cast on 28 sts
Row 1-3: Knit
Row 4: P2, *wool back, knit the next stitch with a bead, wool forward, P3*, repeat from * to* 5 times then knit a last bead stitch, P1. (7 beads now in place on right side)
Rows 5-7: Stocking stitch
Row 8: Repeat row 4
Rows 9-11: Stocking stitch
Row 12: Repeat row 4
Rows 13 & 14: Stocking stitch
Row 15: K2tog to end of row (14 sts)
Row 16: Purl
Row 17: K2tog to end of row (7 sts)
Row 18: Purl

Making Up:
Sew up back seam. Tie left-over beads in a circle and attach to top of hat.