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Soldier ~ Designed by Mandy Lee

With 4mm needles cast on 28 st in red
Knit 2 rows
6 rows st st
Change to black and knit 4 rows for the belt.
Change back to red and st st for 6 rows
Row 19: K2tog to end
Row 20: Change to white leaving a longish tail to wrap round neck when finished and purl.
Row 21: Knit
Row 22: Purl
Row 23: K5 black K4 white K5 black
Row 24: P5 black P4 white P5 black.
Repeat rows 23 & 24 and then repeat 24 again
Row 28: P all in black.
Rows 29 -35: Stocking St itch in black.
Row 35: K2tog to end.
Row 36: P2tog to end.

Making Up:
Sew up back seam and use any leftover bits of wool to stuff the head and use the long white tail to wrap round the neck and secure. Mandy added a couple of small buttons to the tunic and drew on the face as her embroidery (according to her) leaves a lot to be desired!