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Jack Skeleton ~ Designed by Michaela Spearman

Using 3mm needles & black cast on 30 st
Knit 2 rows in black.
Change to white
Stocking stitch 16 rows
(K2 tog) rpt to end
(P2 tog) rpt to end
Cut yarn leaving a long tail, thread through remaining sts and sew up seam to finish.

Eyes – Make 2:
Either use black felt and glue in place or knit in black as follows –
Cast on 2 sts
SS 2 rows
(Inc) rpt to end (4 st)
Next row: Purl
Next row: K1, k2tog, k1. (3 sts)
Cut yarn draw up and sew on head as shown
Embroider nose and mouth as shown