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Skydiver ~ Designed by Christine Wildman

Main Part of Hat
Cast on 28sts in flesh or light colour
Knit 2 Rows
Continue in SS and work 6 rows
Join in Colour for hat and knit 2 rows
Continue with this colour and work 4 more rows SS
(K2tog) repeat to end
(K2tog) repeat to end.
B & T tightly

To make the flaps with top of hat facing you pick up and K9 sts from the raised row of the hat (ie 2nd row)
Beginning with a purl row work a further 3 rows SS
Next row and every following row Knit or Purl 2tog at end of each row until one stitch remains.
Slip a crochet hook in this last stitch and work about 8 chains. Fasten off.
For the other flap count across and pick up 9 stitches and do a second flap.
Stick on eyes or work in wool and stitch round to look like googles.