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Watering Can ~ Designed by Marie-M

Suggestion: Knit this piece on two 4mm sock needles, it saves changing needles for the I-cords.
Knit in Double Knit

CAN: Cast on 28sts.
Rows 1 & 2:Knit
Rows 3 to 14: Stocking stitch
Row 15: K2tog across row
Row 16: Purl
Row 17: K2tog across row
Row 18: Purl

 Cast on 3 sts and Knit 5″ as an I-cord

NOZZLE: Cast on 8 sts  Knit 1 row  Thread all sts onto a darning needle,  then pull up tightly to make a circle.

SPOUT: Cast on 5 sts and work as an I-cord
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: K3, k2tog (4sts)
Row 3: K2tog, k2 (3sts)
Knit 1.5″

FLOWERS: I made 7 – see photo. 
Cut 6″ strands of different coloured wools.
Put 2 tog and tie 3 loose knots on top of each other.
Arrange flowers, tie stalks tog then sew the bunch to the back half of the top of the can.

Making Up:
Sew up the back seam.
Sew the handle to the bottom edge (back) and the first row of decreasing (front).
Sew the spout to the bottom edge and the nozzle to the spout end (a bit fiddly)
Add a crocheted thread 1/2″ long between the spout and the can.