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AussieĀ  ~ Designed by Julia Smith

Use 4 mm needles and brown yarn
Cast on 28, start with knit row ss 4 rows
Purl one row
(P1, P2 tog) to end
(K1, K2 tog) to end
P2 tog repeat to end
B & T tightly.

Cast on 51 and knit 3 rows
Next row (K1, K2 tog) repeat to end
Cast off

Making Up:
Sew row ends together on both crown and brim. Oversew the brim to the crown. Use a contrasting yarn to sew running stitch around the base of the crown.
Slice a thin layer from a used cork and cut about 8 small rectangular pieces. Use black thread to attach the pieces of cork to the underside of the brim. Or you could use beads!