Jeanette Dawson - Enchanted Tree
Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Hat Patterns - Tree
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Main body of tree
In brown cast on 28sts
Rows 1-20: K1,P1 Rpt (rib pattern)
Row 21: (K2tog)rpt to end (14sts)

Arms - make 2
Cast on 10sts in brown
Knit 9 rows.(garter st)
Cast off

Fingers - make 4 (Two for each arm)
Cast on 10 sts in green
Cast off.
Making Up
Sew up the tree.
Sew the arms and stuff lightly
For the fingers fold each piece in half so it looks like a V.  Put a stitch in to hold in place.  Sew 2 on each arm as shown in the picture.
Add 2 googly eyes.
Jeanette has added a ladybird button and a bird button, but you could put on whatever you wish.