Christine Wildman - Frilly Hat
Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Hat Patterns Frilly
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Main Hat
Cast on 26 sts and knit 12 rows in stocking stitch.
Next row: K2tog to end of row
Next row: P2tog to end of row
Thread through remaining stitches and sew up back seam.
To make frill with right side facing pick up stitches at the bottom of the hat.
1st Row: (K1 wool forward) rpt to end of row.
2nd Row: (K2 wool forward) rpt to end of row.
3rd Row: Knit to end
Cast off

Decorate as you like.
I have made some crochet flowers and sewn them on, the ones in the picture are purchased from a craft store. Feathers would look great too. They look great in one colour or in more than one. Have fun and use your imagination.