Tamara Mill's - Homer Simpson   (Why not knit Marge too!)

Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Hat Patterns Homer Simpson
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Head: Cast on 28 in white
Stocking stitch 3 rows starting with a Knit row.
Change to yellow and stocking stitch 21 rows starting with a Purl row.
(K2tog) to end,
(p2tog) to end

Eyes - make 2: Cast on 4 in white
Inc in every stitch
Starting with a P row, SS 5 rows
(K2tog) repeat to end. Cast off
Nose (i-cord):
Cast on 4 stitches in yellow
Knit 2 rows as I-cord

Cast on 4 in beige
Inc in every stitch
Purl 1 row
Inc in every stitch
Knit 6 rows stocking stitch starting with purl row
P2tog to end
K2tog to end
Use some black wool to sew pupils into eyes. Gather around the edge of each eye, fill with a few wool ends and sew to the face as illustrated (although try and get more level than I did). Turn inside out & sew the row ends of the head.
Turn right side out again, and sew the stubble to the face just below the eyes (stuffing with few wool ends), use black to sew a smile into it. Attach the nose. Sew the classic black zig zag around the back of his head and make 2 black loops out if the top of his head. (try to get them the same size - unlike me).
Finish by tying a few yellow knots on each side to make ears.