Lorraine Dore - Santa Sack
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Lorraine dedicates these hats to her brother Kevin (Vinny).

Use number 9 (3.75 mm) or 8 (4.00 mm) knitting needles and double knitting wool.  You will also need 12 inch (30 cm) thin piece of ribbon

Cast on 24 stitches
In white double knit wool or eyelash yarn, knit 6 rows
Change to red wool
Row 7 – K1, *wool round needle K2tog, K1*, repeat to end
Row 8 – K2, K twice into next stitch, *5K, K twice into next stitch*, repeat 3 times, K3 (28 sts)
Rows 9 to 18 stocking stitch
Cast off knit wise

To make up
Sew the side seam (leave the top and bottom open).
Weave the ribbon in and out of the holes. Making sure the knot is on the inside of the hat, pull sack along ribbon to look like Santa’s Sack.