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Drum Hat

Before you start cut a 2.5 m length of wool and keep to one side.

Using 4mm needles cast on 28 stitches in double knit
Join in your 2.5 m cut length:
Purl 1 row with the two strands
Knit 1 row with the two strands
Leave the 2.5 m length to one side, but carry it up the side of your work, you will need it later!
Starting with a knit row, SS 10 rows.
Join in the remainder of your 2.5 m cut length:
Purl 1 row with the two strands
Knit 1 row with the two strands
Change to single strand of colour chosen for top of drum.
Starting with a knit row SS 2 rows.
(K2, K2tog) repeat to end
(K1, K2tog) repeat to end
(K2tog) repeat to end
B & T tightly

Making Up:
Main Piece: Over sew the row ends, turn right side out. 
Strings: For the strings, I used some glittery thread.  Secure at the base of the seam just above the rim.  You will be weaving the thread under a bottom stitch in the top rim and under a top stitch in the base rim (click on the photo above to see a close up of my work – it’s difficult to describe in words – easier to look at)  From your starting point – go to the top and two stitches around, now go to the bottom, leave 3 clear stitches and weave into the next, back to the top and leave three clear stitches…..you get the idea! 
Drum Sticks: The drum sticks are made from a cotton bud stick.  Remove the cotton wool ends, cut the stick in half and use sewing thread to stitch them into position.  The cotton bud I used was hollow – so I started with a thread through the centre and then stitched over the top of the sticks a few times to stop them moving about too much. 
Hey Presto, a little drum you have made!!