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Eeyore Hat

M = Mauve
P = Pink
B = Black

Cast on 28 st in mauve double knit wool
Work in Stocking Stitch throughout, beginning with a Knit row.
Row 1: 11M, 6P, 11M
Row 2: 10M, 8P, 10M
Row 3: 9M, 10P, 9M
Row 4: 8M, 12P, 8M
Row 5: 8M, 3P, 1B, 4P, 1B, 3P, 8M
Row 6: 8M, 12P, 8M
Row 7: 9M, 10P, 9M
Row 8: 10M, 8P, 10M
Continue in Mauve only
Row 9: K6, K2tog, K12, K2tog, K6 (26st)
Row 10: Purl
Row 11: K5, K2tog, K12, K2tog, K5 (24st)
Row 12: Purl
Row 13: K5, K2tog, K10, K2tog, K5 (22st)
Row 14 – 18: Stocking Stitch
Row 19: K2 (K2tog, K2)rpt to end (17st)
Row 20: Purl
Row 21: K2 (K2tog, K1)rpt to end (12st)
Continue in Black only, leave a tail long enough to work the eyebrows
Row 22: Purl
Row 23: (K2tog)rpt to end (6st}
B&T leaving a tail long enough to make the mane later.

Ears – Make 2
Cast on 12 in mauve for the outside of the ear.
Row 1: Inc, knit to last stitch, increase (14st)
Row 2: Purl 9, turn, slip 1, Knit 6, turn, slip 1, Purl to end
Row 3 & 4 – Stocking stitch
Row 5 & 6: K2tog, Knit to last 2 sts, K2tog (10sts)
Change to purple wool for the inside of the ear
Row 7: Inc, Knit to last stitch, increase  (12sts)
Rows 8 – 10: Stocking stitch
Row 11: K2tog, Knit to last 2sts, K2tog  (10sts)
Cast off
Allow ears to fold in half and oversew edge so the mauve forms a border around the purple.

Making Up:
Sew in ends around the pale muzzle
Pull up the black tail end at the top of the head, over sew these row ends and leave both pieces of black yarn on the right side.
Oversew the rest of the head row ends.
Turn inside out.
Sew ears to head as in the photo.
Fix on googly eyes and use short tail end to work 2 stitches to form the eyebrows.
Wind the long tail end around your finger, secure the loops with several stitches before snipping to create the tuft of mane.