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Pumpkin Hat

Cast on 27 in orange double knit on size 4 mm needles
Row 1: K3, (inc, K3) rpt to end (33sts)
Row 2: P3, (K1, P4) repeat to end
Row 3: (K4, inc) rpt to last 3sts, K3 (39sts)
Row 4: P3, (K1, P5) rpt to end
Row 5: (K5, P1) rpt to last 3sts, K3
Row 6: P3, (K1, P5) rpt to end
Repeat last 2 rows 4 more times
Row 15: (K4, P2tog) rpt to last 3sts, K3 (33sts)
Row 16: (P3, K2tog) rpt to last 3sts, P3 (27sts)
Row 17: K3, (P2tog, K2) rpt to end (21sts)
Row 18: P2, (K2tog, P1) rpt to last st, P1 (15sts)
Row 19: K1, (K2tog) repeat to end, leave a long end (8sts)
Transfer the stitches to a double ended needle and with purl side facing join on green
Work 7 rows on these stitches as an I-cord
(K2tog) repeat to end (4sts)
K2 tog twice, pass the first st over the second. (1st)
B & T tightly.
Thread a needle onto this wool end and use it to turn the I-cord inside out.

Making Up:
Tidy up the I-cord ends and, with the I-cord inside the pumpkin and purl side out, oversew the row ends. 
Use the long orange end to gather along each of the pumpkin segment dividers.
Embroider the face of your choice with a length of black yarn.