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Rainbow Hat

Using 4 mm needles, cast on 28 stitches in red double knit
Purl 2 rows in red
Continue in SS
Work 2 rows in orange
2 rows in yellow
2 rows in green
2 rows in blue
2 rows in indigo
2 rows in violet
(K2 tog) repeat to end
(P2 tog) repeat to end

Finish in 2 ways:

Either: B & T tightly to finish with a plait and pom-pom
Make the plait with the seven colours and sew it into a pom-pom made with the seven colours.

OR: Finish with an I-Cord.
K1, K2 tog to end.
Work a 6 row I-Cord on these 5 stitches.
K2, K1, K2 – repeat until 2 stitches remain. 
B & T tightly.

Making Up:

Sew up the row ends for both hats. 
To save sewing in lots of ends for each colour – you may want to cheat and tie the colours together – no one can see the inside of your hat on a bottle!!