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Owl Hat

Using 4 mm needles and double knit wool
Cast on 28sts in mottled brown.  (I used very thin wool and a stand of dark and a strand of light – it worked well for the branch)
Row 1: K13, K1 wrapping yarn four times around the needle, K to end
Row 2: Knit, slipping the loops when you get to them
Row 3:  Change to dark blue, Knit slipping the loop when you get to it
Row 4: Purl, slipping the loop when you get to it
Row 5: K11, slip next 2st onto a cable needle behind work, the next stitch will be the loop, twist these to create a nice effect before knitting into it, then K the 2st on the cable needle and finally knit to the end.
Rows 6 – 14: Continue in SS
Row 15: (K2tog)rpt to end (14sts)
Row 16: (P2tog)rpt to end (7sts)
B & T

Making Up:
Sew on the owl button to the left-hand side of the stick. Sew on some little star sequins and a sequin moon. 
Oversew the row ends and turn inside out.
Have a look here for the buttons