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2012 Campaign

 – here are my hats for the first campaign I participated in…

I didn’t think about how I was laying them out – I wish I had!  Instead, my focus was on the pile of hats, as it seemed to look quite impressive.  

Little did I realise what would happen after I ‘innocently’ sent this batch of hats in….   Indeed, many years later, I’m still knitting little miniature hats for bottles of fruit juice!

Hats for Sale

These were the first hats that I ever found for sale, and as such it was quite a momentous occasion.  

I seem to recall travelling to a few supermarkets before we found any, but finally, there they were, little bottles of juice proudly wearing their little knitted hats.

Can you see one of yours?

Thank You

– A Lovely Thank You from Innocent Smoothies

After contacting Innocent Smoothies to share this website, they sent me a wonderful “Thank You” parcel.  I was touched by their generosity and wanted to share this with you.  A BIG Thank You to them too.