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2015 Campaign

 – a collection of hats knitted by myself and other ‘Mad Hatters!’

So chuffed to have knitted 1000 hats for the 2015 campaign

So this is what a pile of 1000 hats look like!

Hats Knitted by Other Volunteers

Valerie Moseley’s Hats

These are some of the hats that Valerie knitted whilst she was looking after her Mum in England.  

Valerie’s Mum picked the colours and kept telling her she was too slow. After seeing my 1000 she believes her!  Valerie’s Mum’s name was Jo, so she has happy memories. 

Sue Dyke’s Hats

Here is Sue’s hat collection so far.  She thinks she might manage the big 100 before she has to send them off.

She was inspired to use buttons this year by the photos on my Facebook page.  She especially likes the ‘Valentine’ ones with the heart shaped buttons.

Cindy Boot’s Hats

Cindy just loved making the Mr Men hats this year which came alive when she added their individual features. Cindy has knitted a few old favourites and has also used some of the new button hats designs.

For a closer look at her creations click here for her beautifully laid out annual PDF of her hats.

Jeanette Dawson’s Hats

Jeanette has really enjoyed designing and making some of her own patterns this year.  Her Mr Men ones are her favourites.  She has also joined our button addiction club!!

Rebecca Richardson’s Hats

Rebecca loves doing the Big Knit.  She is now sending little hats to her friends and family as they make great egg cosies, wine toppers or place settings for parties or Christmas.

Nicola Gough’s Hats

Nicola took 337 hats to Age Cymru this week.

It was a combined effort of herself, her mother, her sister, her friend Maureen and Gilfach Goch Ladies Guild.

Nicola’s photo includes her Dougals.  She is still knitting twiddlemuffs too.

Kay Wall’s Hats

Kay has finished this year’s hats.  She has made 107, but feels she may have got a bit too distracted knitting twiddlemuffs!! (Join the club!)

Lisa Gould’s Hats

This is Lisa’s first year of knitting little hats.  She would have liked to have done more, but she had other things to make in between.  She is hoping that Innocent run the campaign again next year, as she really enjoyed knitting them.

Hilary Ball’s Hats

Just a few of the 400 little hats Hilary has knitted this year.  She has really enjoyed knitting these and has managed to exceed her total for last year.  You may notice some familiar patterns which Hilary has enjoyed using.

Laura Jesko’s Hats

Laura has particularly enjoyed the more ‘fun’ patterns.  Her collection is certainly very colourful and definitely fun!

Christina Rule’s Hats

Christina managed 202 hats this year (bit of miscounting!).  She took them into her office and decorated the window sills for a few weeks. They were more colourful than the Christmas decorations!!

Christina used patterns from the web site including the Mr Men ones, which she enjoyed.  This year she even did a few of her own – Teletubbies, knitting sheep, ballerina etc. and had great fun!!

Maureen White and The Freshford Brownies’ Hats

Maureen has been working with The Freshford Brownies to knit 300 hats, many with wooden buttons.

Maureen is pictured top left and dear Vora is also at the back – she has picked up many dropped stitches for both Maureen and the Brownies!