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Nativity Set

The majority of these Nativity characters were taken from Jean Greenhowe patterns.  

Each one is based on a basic figure, which is adapted with different coloured cloaks, head-dresses and accessories. 

The base is unknitted. Instead, a circle of stiff card is inserted – I used mount board.  This enables the characters to stand well.

Where to get the patterns:
The majority of the characters – Christmas booklet by Jean Greenhowe
The donkey – Treasures booklet by Jean Greenhowe
The camel – Knit your own Zoo by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne
The angel – see below

I felt an Angel was needed for the nativity, so I made one up…

Quite pleased with the result – the tinsel wool I was given a few weeks ago came in handy. Used the basic pattern with a shortened cloak, Joseph’s hair and garter stitched wings.

For the wings, I seem to recall all I did was draw out the shape and then just increased/decreased, so my knitting ended up the same shape.  I think I threaded a bit of thin wire around the outer edge, so they kept their shape.