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Funky Chickens

I have long admired a photo I found on line of two little hats like these.  They looked so ‘funky’ and fun that I thought I would work out a pattern, so we could flood the marketplace with Funky Chicken!  Do get in contact if the original Funky Chickens were yours, I would love to credit you on this page.

Using 4 mm needles and double knit wool throughout
Thread 2 ‘eye’ beads on to your wool – keep pushing these along your wool until you need them.
Cast on 28
Knit 2 rows
SS 6 rows
(K5, K2tog) rpt to end (24st)
SS 3 rows
(K4, K2tog) rpt to end (20st)
SS 3 rows
(K3, K2tog) rpt to end (16st)
SS 1 row
(K2, K2tog) rpt to end (12st)
SS 1 row
K5, push a bead into position, K2, push a bead into position, K5
(P1, P2tog) rpt to end (8st)
SS 2 rows
(K2tog) rpt to end (4st)

Making Up:
Add all the accessories using a contrasting colour.
Cut a small rectangle of felt for the beak.  Fold in half and cut into a diamond beak shape.  Stitch the centre of this triangle onto the face below the eyes.
Cut a 24″ length of wool.  Fold in half and create a double twisted cord.  Before the wool twists in on itself, thread through the lower edge of the body.  Let the wool twist on itself to create a leg.  Knot in the centre for the knee and at the end for the ankle.  Cut the ends to make the foot.  Repeat for the other leg.
Oversew the row ends and turn inside out. 
Create 3 little loops of your contrast wool on top of the Funky Chicken’s head to finish.