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Ice Cream Cone Hat

Using 4 mm needles and double knit in a cone colour, cast on 29st
Row 1: (K1, P1) rpt to last st, K1
Row 2: (P1, K1) rpt to last st, P1
Row 3: As row 2
Row 4: As row 1
Repeat Rows 1 – 4
Row 9: Knit
Row 10: Purl

Join on ice cream colour and purl 2 rows
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: Knit
Row 6: Knit
Repeat these 4 rows 6 times to create 6 more whirls of ice cream. 
On the purl row you decrease as follows:
1st Purl dec: (P2tog, P4) rpt to last 3st, P3  (24st)
2nd Purl dec: (P2tog, P3) rpt to last 2st, P2  (19st)
3rd Purl dec: (P2tog, P2) rpt to last st, P1  (14st)
4th Purl dec: P2tog, (P1, P2tog) rpt to end  (9st)
5th Purl dec: P1, (P2tog) rpt to end (5st)
6th Purl dec: P2tog, P1, P2tog (3st)
Next row: K2tog, K1. Pass one st over the other.
B & T tightly

Using 3.25 mm cable needles
Cast on 6st
Work a 9 row I-cord
Cast off in rib

Making Up:
Over sew the row ends of the ice cream and cone. 
Turn right side out and sew on the flake. 
Put the ice cream on a smoothie bottle and scrunch into shape.
Catch the ‘scrunches’ into place, so it looks like a real Mr Whippy! 
Good enough to eat!!