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Mouse Hat

Using 4 mm needles and double knit wool
Cast on 28st in mouse colour.
Purl 2 rows
Knit 21, turn and purl 14, turn and
Knit 15, turn and purl 16, turn and
Knit 17, turn and purl 18, turn and
Knit 19, turn and purl 20, turn and
Knit 21, turn and purl 22, turn and
Knit to end of row.
Continue in stocking stitch but K2tog or
P2 tog at start of every row until 4st remain.
B & T

Cast on 3 in mouse ear colour!
K1, inc in next st, K1
Knit 2 rows
K1, K2tog, K1
Cast off leaving a long end on one ear.

Making Up:
Sew row ends together and turn the mouse to the right side. 
Sew the little ears in place – use the one long end to embroider the nose. 
Use black wool to embroider eyes. 
Use some suitable coloured wool for the whiskers – I stitched through the face – leaving an end, secured the wool and left the other end at the other side.  Cut the whiskers to length and unravel the wool strands. 
Make a twisted cord for the tail – before allowing the cord to twist on itself, thread it through the back of the mouse, when it twists, it will secure itself to the body, and you just need to knot to the right length and cut off the excess.