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Pudsey Bear Hat

Using 4 mm needles, cast on 28 stitches in yellow double knit wool
Purl 2 rows
Starting with a K row, cont in SS and work 4 rows
Next row: K14 in yellow, 1 in black & 13 in yellow
(When you join in the black leave a long end.)
Next row: P12 in yellow, 3 in black & 13 in yellow
Break off black but leave a long end
Cont in SS in yellow and work 6 more rows
(K2 tog) repeat to end
(P2 tog) repeat to end
B & T tightly

Ears – make 2.  Start by casting on 4
Row 1: inc in first st, K, inc in last st
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: inc in first st, K, inc in last st
Row 4: Knit. 
Then cast off.

Making Up:
Use the long black ends to finish off the nose – a diagonal stitch either side makes a better shape.
Embroider on a mouth and eyebrow as illustrated with the remaining long ends.
Oversew row ends together and sew on the ears as illustrated.
Add the eye bandage with 16 mm wide spotty ribbon – I used Grosgrain ribbon, but found this difficult to manipulate into the bandage shape.  The easiest method was to turn under an edge and sew the ribbon to the head starting from below the ear, pleating at the top and ending with another turned under edge stitched over the start place under the ear at the back.
Stick on a googly eye to finish.