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Snake Hat

Using 4 mm needles, cast on 47 stitches in double knit
Cast off 7, then knit to end. (40st)
Cast off 11, then knit to end (29st)
*Next row: Knit
Next row: Purl
Next row: Knit
Next row: Knit**
Repeat from * to ** two more times
Next row: (K2tog) rpt to last st, K1 (15st)
Next row: (P2tog) rpt to last st, P1 (8st)
Beg with a Purl row, SS 9 rows.

You are going to split now for the mouth, so work on the first 4 stitches only:
Inc, Knit to last st, Inc (6st)
Work 9 rows in stocking stitch, beg P
K2tog, Knit to last 2st, K2tog.
Cast off
Rejoin your yarn to the remaining 4st and work exactly the same for the other half of the mouth.

Inside Mouth
In a contrasting colour, cast on 3
Inc, knit, Inc
SS 13 rows
K2tog, Knit to last 2st, K2tog
Cast off.

Making Up:
Work inside out and oversew the row ends of the coiled body from the start of the neck down towards the tail. 
When you get to the tail, turn right side out and then over sew the last little section, so the tail ends up on the outside as illustrated above.
Inserting the inside of the mouth is a bit fiddly do it before you sew up the neck. 
Fold the piece in half so you know how much to sew to the top jaw – oversew around the edges, then oversew the rest to the bottom jaw. 
Finish the neck by oversewing the holes that are left in the seams on the outside.
Cut a little forked tongue out of felt in an appropriate colour, and stitch this using cotton to the back of the mouth.
Sew two little bead eyes to the top of the head using cotton, and then stand back and admire your handiwork!