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Toadstool Hat

Toadstool Stalk
Using 4 mm needles, cast on 28 stitches in green double knit.
Knit 2 rows
Change to cream and beginning with a knit row SS 10 rows.
Next row: (K2, K2tog)rpt to end (21st)
Next row: Purl
Next row: (K1, K2tog)rpt to end (14st)
Next row: (P2tog)rpt to end (7st)  B & T

Toadstool Cap
Cast on 6st in cream
Row 1: Inc in every stitch (12st)
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: Inc in every stitch (24st)
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: (K1, inc) rpt to end (36st)
Row 6 – 8: Beg with P row SS 3 rows
Change to red wool.  Rows 9 – 11: Knit
Rows 12 – 15: Beg with P row SS 4 rows
Row 16: (P7, P2tog)rpt to end (32st)
Row 17: Knit
Row 18: (P6, P2tog)rpt to end (28st)
Row 19: Knit
Row 20: (P5, P2tog)rpt to end (24st)
Row 21: Knit
Row 22: (P4, P2tog)rpt to end (20st)
Row 23: (K3, K2tog)rpt to end (16st)
Row 24: (P2, P2tog)rpt to end (12st)
Row 25: (K1, K2tog)rpt to end (8st)
B & T

Making Up:
Stalk – Oversew the row ends
Cap – Gather around the cast on edge and pull up tightly.
Oversew the row ends leave the top of the cap open so that a small amount of stuffing can be inserted. 
After stuffing, sew up the top of the cap.
Using cream wool, embroider some French knots on the surface of the cap. 
Occasionally take the yarn underneath to the cream area and pull up tight – this will flatten the cap into a better shape. 
Alternatively, use beads or sequins.
When you are happy with the shape and the spots, attach the cap to the stalk – I found this was easiest with the stalk actually on the bottle. 
You are finished!