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Beady  ~ Designed by Priscilla Seymour

These are really easy, but the beads make them look pretty.  They are ideal for beginners

You will need craft beads to complete these hats.  The type that come in packs from craft shops with usually about seven colours in a bag.

Using a tapestry needle thread 14 beads onto your yarn.
Cast on 29 sts.
P2 *insert needle into next st as if to purl it, bring up a bead and P over it, P1 then repeat from * to end of row
Starting with a P row SS 3 rows
Next Row: K14, K 2 tog, K to end
SS 3 rows
Next Row: (K5, K2tog) rpt to end of row
SS 3 rows.
Next Row: (K1 K2tog) rpt to end of row
P 1 row
Next Row: (K1 K2 tog) rpt to last st, K1
Next Row: (P2 tog) rpt to last st, P1
Cut yarn and use to draw up the last 6 sts tightly, fasten off but do NOT cut the yarn off.

Making Up:
Use the casting on tail of yarn to sew up the back seam, fasten off.
Using the thread left at the top, thread on 3 more beads to decorate the top of the hat, fasten off.