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Kettle Hat ~ Designed by Marie-M

Cast on 28 sts
Purl 2 rows
SS 8 rows
Row 11 – k2 tog repeat to end (14sts)
Row 12 – purl
Row 13 – k2 tog repeat to end (7sts)
Row 14 – purl
B&T tightly

Handle – work as an I-cord
Cast on 3sts
Knit 9 cms
Cast Off

Spout  work as an I-cord
Cast on 6sts
Knit 1.5 cms
Cast off purlwise for the spout edge

12 cm length of contrasting wool – tie knots on top of each other

Making Up:
Sew up back seam, stitch handle and spout on as illustrated.
Add knob