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Penguin ~ Designed by Mandy Lee

Using 4mm needles
Cast on 28 in black
Row 1: K9 in black, K10 in white, K9 in black
Rows 2 – 7: 9 black, 10 white 9 black in SS
Row 8: P10 in black, P8 in white, P10 black
Row 9: K11 in black, K6 in white, K11 black
Row 10: P12 in black, P4 in white, P12 black
Row 11: K13 in black, K2 in white, K13 black
Work 2 more rows in black SS
Next row: (P2 tog) repeat to end
Next row: (K2 tog) repeat to end
B&T tightly

Cast on 4
Knit 2 rows.
Inc in first st k to end.
K to last st inc. 
SS 6 rows
K2tog k to end
k to last 2 st K2tog
Knit 1 row
Cast off. 

Making Up:
The wings were sewn on at the top with straight edge level with white tummy.