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Toys I have Enjoyed Knitting

Jacob the Puppy

This is a super pattern and ideal if you don’t have very much of each colour.  You don’t need any more than 30g of a colour for each part of Jacob.

All the parts are movable – his head and legs all swivel.  This means he can pose however you want!

Click here for a link to the pattern.

Pippa Pig

Knitted with Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake wool – not the easiest wool and absolutely impossible to pick up dropped stitches! 

The finished result was worth the effort, though.

Click here for a link to the pattern.

I decided to omit the bib in the pattern as it didn’t seem to add anything to the design. 

I used faceted buttons for the eyes, and a complimentary pink double knit of the snout, trotters and ear insides.

Candy Bear

Such a lovely character to knit. 

The pattern is from Mary Jane’s Tearoom and is beautifully set out, with detailed explanations and lots of photos. 

They are fun to make in different colours.

Click here for the pattern


I needed a very quick knit for a raffle prize for the school Christmas Do. 

As I had come across the pattern for the reindeer a few days earlier, I thought perhaps he would be ideal.

He didn’t take too long to knit. Sewing up took a little while longer, and he looked VERY odd until I added the antlers and ears. I decided a little ribbon would finish him off.

The pattern was a free download if you filled in a short knitting questionnaire on the Woman’s Weekly website.  Sadly, this offer no longer appears to be available.

Click here for a direct link to the pattern.

Frog Prince

I really enjoyed knitting the Frog Prince.  The pattern is by Alan Dart and is really easy to follow.  I was a bit concerned about the webbed feet, but they were easy to do and worked well.

He certainly has a character all of his own and is a really jolly fellow.  Who could resist giving him a kiss!

Click here for the pattern.

Mini Rabbits in Multi-coloured Wool

These little rabbits are quick to knit and work really well in a delicate multi-coloured wool.  They make ideal new baby presents.

With the addition of a contrasting twisted cord bow around their neck, they look really cute.

The pattern is by Jean Greenhowe and available in her Knitted Animals Booklet.

Diggerdy Dog Greyhound Puppy

Our village were having a Dog Race Night and this seemed like a suitable raffle prize for the event.

He was a really quick knit – all his body parts are very skinny, and he was easy to put together.

Everyone thinks he looks very smart in his red dungarees with gold buttons.

The pattern was by Debi Birkin and available on Ravelry. 

Click here for a direct link to the pattern.


The knitted lion was my first introduction to Loopy Stitch.  I had tried to do this stitch years ago and never managed it. 

With the benefits now of online-videos I was able to master it.

The pattern for the lion is from a book called Knitted Wild Animals by Sarah Keen

Elephant Sailor

I used to knit a lot of these little toys years ago, but have not used the pattern for a very long time.

Jean Greenhowe patterns are easy to follow and adaptable for many occasions – the little elephant comes as a boy or girl, sailor or bedtime version.

Small enough to knit in a couple of hours and the right size for little hands.

The pattern is by Jean Greenhowe and is featured in her Knitted Animals Booklet.

Wesley Westie

This one gave me a bit of a headache.

I put the little dog together quite easily but it looked like a bull terrier NOT the West Highland Terrier that it was supposed to be!

I had to over-sew the whole face with snowflake wool and add some tufts too. Then I decided to move the eye, snipped the button off and made a hole in the face…….good job it was covered with snowflake wool the repair didn’t show.

Think the finished result was worth all the hair pulling!

Here is a link to the pattern which is by Alan Dart.

Creme Egg Easter Knits

These little characters are really quick to knit and ideal for making a bit of money for your favourite charity at Easter. 

They fit a Creme Egg snuggly and sell well. I charged £1.50 and sold out VERY quickly. I think at £2 they would still have sold well. You knit a long length, which is seamed and then doubled in on itself. The design keeps the egg securely in place until it is consumed!!

In case you were wondering: Pink = mouse, Yellow = duckling, White = chick and Brown = rabbit!

The pattern is by Jean Greenhowe and is free from her site.

Mini Stockings

I knitted these with the intention of using them as an Advent Calendar.  I figured there was more room in the stocking for a decent sized chocolate compared to the offering you get in shop bought calendar!!

I had great fun adapting and creating designs.  Feel free to use these

The pattern is online and available for non-commercial use. I altered it slightly – always casting on 27 to keep them the same size. I worked 6 rows of stocking stitch between the heel and the toe – this matched the two row stripe one.  

Click here for the pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits

Dolls’ Clothes

There are such a wide range of patterns on the market for doll’s clothes.

It is important to measure the size of your doll from head to toe and check your tension or you may end up with an outfit which is too big or too small!

Nativity Set

These have been such a popular addition to my page, that they have their own dedicated page here.